Viktor Frankl suggested, “An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal behavior.” Sometimes we need a little bit of help to work this all out.

Goldfinch Therapy and Wellness is here for just that reason and believes services related to mental health should be as normal and attainable as those related to physical health.

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Mission Statement: To engage clients and community in wellness interventions and education that is both dynamic and evidenced based.

Art and Science – Goldfinch Therapy and Wellness believes that effective services reflect a blended approach that is expressive, meaningful, creative, and individualistic, as well as driven by evidenced based practices. Evidenced based practices rely on scientific research to guide delivery of services and decision making in order to ensure best outcomes.
Human and Community Relationships – Goldfinch Therapy and Wellness is aware of the capacity for opportunity that is inherent in the diversity of humanity. Cultural awareness and related competency are integral to harness the power of diversity. Relationships, on micro and macro levels, can act to support the change process, and generate overall well-being.
Integrity and Competence – Goldfinch Therapy and Wellness operates from the position that values of honesty and transparency, as well as the constant evolution and obtaining of knowledge and skills are integral to services provided. These items act to drive services to ensure safety and success for clients.

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